Scale your business to 6-figures & get clients while you sleep, all while working 3 days a week.

My mission is to shape that reality by empowering stylists, like you, with contemporary business strategies beyond the scope of traditional cosmetology education, transforming the narrative of success attainment.

Envision a reality where a successful and profitable hair business is the norm, not the exception.

Does any of this
sound familiar?

You have the technical skills as a stylist, but you still feel lost in your business and you don't know how to stand out in the industry.

You've invested in your training over the years, but still feel like something is holding you back from the growth you're looking for.

You see other stylists thriving, but you feel like you don't have the time, organization, or resources to achieve the same results.

You've worked in the industry for years, but you're just not growing.


Rich Stylist Method

I help you smooth out communication kinks, brittle confidence, and financial dead ends in your business. With the showcase of proven systems for both your front-of-chair and behind-the-chair business, you'll see what silky smooth sailing looks like as I provide you with the necessary tools to achieve greater goals.


Anastasia K

My purpose is to inspire artists to work smarter, not harder. I've always had an emphasis on educating - that's why I opened two salons, each with an emphasis on educating young stylists. 

I started out stressed, exhausted, and fearful that I'd never be able to make the money I really wanted to. Today, I am a high-6-figure-earning stylist who decided to start teaching others the method I developed for myself.

I'M  here to show you what is possible

So what is the

This online program is geared toward developing your personal brand so that you can attract an elevated clientele and create an upscale client experience. This is specifically tailored for the stylist who is operating as a solopreneur or with a growing team.

I invite you to elevate your mindset, develop your own voice, and learn how to attract your ideal clientele to help you achieve the business of your dreams.


Immediate Results

Long-Term Results

Increased Confidence

Updated Personal Brand

Aligned Mindset

Elevated Message

Luxury Service Delivery

Automated sales system

Business Structure

Increased revenue, decreased work hours


Immediate Results

Long-Term Results

Select Clientele

Greater Profitability

Regular Hours

Time Off

benefits of this program

you'll learn exactly how to niche down to where the money is

simple, comprehensive video lessons to watch on your schedule

immediate results

affordable investment with payment plans available

done-for-you strategies that you can implement today

Define your identity and
nail your craft.


So many coaches make things extremely complicated for stylists already stressed and juggling so much. Everything I'm teaching you is simple and can be implemented today.

My program is less than 8 videos that you can watch in a couple of hours, and very to-the-point.

You'll be able to implement what you learn immediately and see results fast.

how MY METHOD IS different



1. Ongoing Community Support

No more group storytelling with generic solutions or hype-only conferences; we're here to troubleshoot your challenges and create tailored solutions just for you.

how we're different

2. Custom Structured Solutions

3. In-Person Experience

4. All-Inclusive

1. Ongoing Community Support

This isn't an online course that you purchase and forget about a week later. Our experience is in-person so that you can stay on track when it comes to making necessary changes.

how we're different

2. Custom Structured Solutions

3. In-Person Experience

4. All-Inclusive

1. Ongoing Community Support

Our experiences don't simply end at education. We take care of your meals and accommodation so you can focus on what matters most: committing to action for yourself and your business.

how we're different

2. Custom Structured Solutions

3. In-Person Experience

4. All-Inclusive


Jasmine Haro

I was an assistant for Anastasia from 2018-2020 straight out of cosmetology school. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today if I had not taken this direction with her. I recently took a extra coaching mentor session with her and it has really helped me further my knowledge of the business aspect of things now that I have been managing my own salon for 2 years. I'm confident in who I am as a small business owner and stylist, and I can't recommend her enough!

Ready to become the stylist your younger self looked up to?

What others have asked before saying yes to our program!

Yes! I want to make this coaching accessible to you, so your payment can be split into 12 installments over the course of a year. You will see the payment plan option at checkout.

Our goal is to make sure all of our stylists get the best results possible from our training. Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Anastasia, and if this program is a good fit for your current experience level, you'll receive an e-invitation to register.

Email support is included with this program.

You will have forever access to your program. You can hit pause, take a long break, whatever you need, it is here to support you.

I do not offer refunds due to the downloadable nature of this program and the intellectual property within it.

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